Welcome to the Gorman, Hollinger family holiday light display. We are located in Mine Hill, NJ. We have lived here since 2009. Before that we were in Morristown, NJ and started lighting in 2005. That first year was a static display. 2006 saw a jump to a computerized animated light display. We use Lightorama hardware and software to create the display. In 2007, we more than doubled the total lights and added 96 more channels of computer control. On our facts page you can find some interesting facts and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Rick does most of the work with a lot of support from Linda(she says yes).


We have won the Mayor's trophy for 2006 and 2007 for the town's holiday lighting contest. 2009 saw 3rd place at our new home.


Rick also spend's a lot of time on the Planet Christmas web site. There is a wealth of information on the main site and even more in the forum section. I have learned a lot from the forums and have incorporated some ideas with modifications into our display.


We also broadcast our display music on our low power FM transmitter on 89.7 FM.



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